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The Mile High Flight program is a special youth initiative sponsored by the Hubert L. “Hooks” Jones chapter of the Tuskegee Airmen. 


A successful career in aviation or any other profession will present challenges. What’s exciting to discover is that challenges are overcome, and barriers are broken down each and every day, by young men and women just like you.


Our program is divided into two phases.  PHASE 1 will increase your understanding of the aviation and aerospace world and highlight the many available opportunities.  Through an exciting series of field trips and hands-on activities, we’ll explore many aspects of these industries. You’ll also gain insight on how to achieve your career goals. While this is a great opportunity to meet with professionals from various fields and gain some practical knowledge, you’ll also have a chance to develop valuable contacts that could last a lifetime. During PHASE 1, the group will meet once a month, and visit one of the destinations listed in the following pages.


At the conclusion of PHASE 1, the most exceptional student(s) will be selected to continue to PHASE 2. PHASE 2 will take those student(s) to the next level of flight training, including ground instruction, flight instruction and first solo in a Cessna 172 type aircraft. Students selected for PHASE 2 will be required to pay a small portion of the training costs. By carrying some of the financial load, students will realize a greater sense of pride and ownership as they complete a very challenging training program.


Every profession requires a high level of personal responsibility and we expect no less from the students who participate in this program. Students must provide their own transportation to and from field trips, and tardiness or unexcused absences are unacceptable. Extenuating circumstances may be considered on a case by case basis. Students should also clearly understand that the time of the professional men and women who volunteer to conduct these tours is extremely valuable, and common courtesies will be given and expected at all times. The only other requirement is that you take full advantage of this unique opportunity by carefully listening, asking plenty of questions and having a great time.  The Sky’s the limit!

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