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phase 1




It’s important for students of aviation to have an understanding of its history. You’ll have a great opportunity during this guided tour to find out more about the evolution of flight at one of the finest flight exhibits in the region.  This first event of the program is also a parent / student get together.  The purpose of this meeting is to give everyone an opportunity to meet, and discuss details of the Mile High Flight program. It’s important that parents attend, because your active support is critical to the success of your son or daughter. We want to reinforce the importance of that support by welcoming you to our first meeting and giving you a chance to ask questions about the program or the aviation industry in general.





During this field trip, you will have the opportunity to visit and interact with students, professors and perhaps an astronaut or two at one of the finest aerospace engineering departments in the world!  This is a behind the scenes look at what it takes to become a student working on the leading edges of technology that are propelling innovation and scientific discovery at lightening speeds.  Students will also have the opportunity to participate in projects demonstrating how their everyday activities can be used to solve problems and provide valuable input to future technological advances.  Also, this is a great place to find out about the University of Colorado and what student life is like from the students themselves.




Small airports like Centennial are where many pilots get their start in aviation. Centennial is home to several aero clubs that cater mainly to individuals who are building flight experience towards basic or advanced flight licenses. Students will get a feel for flight training at its most basic level. You’ll also have a chance to inspect one of the light aircraft that you might fly as a beginning pilot. The flight instructor who conducts this tour will answer any questions you have about getting started towards an aviation career.



If you have ever wondered how it is that so many airplanes could be in the air at the same time traveling to various destinations across the United States and the world, this tour is going to answer those questions.  TRACON, located at Denver International Airport (DIA) is the facility responsible for handling the smooth coordination of aircraft arriving into one of the world’s busiest airports.  A technological marvel, students will see the live action as the controllers’ work with and direct large and small aircraft to safe landings at DIA.  This is a career field with a tremendous upside for those who live for the challenges of a fulfilling profession.




The Air Force Academy offers one of the finest educations available in the world. We will meet with graduates and current students who will give you a complete orientation on Cadet life, and what it takes to succeed at this challenging institution. We’ll also tour the Air Force Academy campus, which is renowned for its natural and man-made beauty. The Air Force Academy is located in Colorado Springs.




This is one of the highlights of the program. United is proud to have one of the most sophisticated flight training centers in the industry. Other civilian airlines, governments and Air Forces from all around the world send their pilots to United’s training center. Each year, all United Pilots visit this facility to review emergency and normal procedures. Pilots also visit the training center to learn how to fly different types of aircraft. We will tour the entire complex, and then you’ll have what may be a once in a lifetime experience of flying the same flight simulators that our professional pilots train in. The experience is so realistic, you’ll feel like you’re actually in the air. As you wing your way over the night-lights of Denver, you may even be able to see your own house!




Metro boasts the best collegiate flight-training program in the state. Students form all over the nation come to Metro to learn about the aviation industry. Metro also has an internship program with United Airlines. The students perform a number of interesting administrative jobs, have an opportunity to learn about the company and are guaranteed a flight officer interview. We will tour their flight department, and you’ll have a chance to ask questions of students majoring in a wide range of disciplines, from airport management to flight operations.




3-2-1 LIFT-OFF!  Colorado and the Front Range are home to some of the most forward looking and innovative corporations in the growing aerospace industry.  The United Launch Alliance (ULA) tour is a bonus tour and a fantastic opportunity to peer into the mission control center for rocket launches that send payloads to the International Space Station as well as deep into and outside of our universe as well as satellites into Earth orbit.  Learn what it takes to build and launch a rocket into space while also participating in a mock countdown and launch! ULA offers some of the most outstanding internship opportunities imaginable and this is a great opportunity to explore how you might become one of those on the inside track to a career beyond the stars!




A select number of our most outstanding students will also have an opportunity to experience what it’s like to fly like the birds! The Colorado Soaring Association will host our group of eager aviators, at the Owl Canyon Glider Port, in Fort Collins. Each student will be towed aloft in an unpowered sailplane. Once released, you’ll glide gracefully on the wind currents, and eventually return for a silent landing at Owl Canyon. It’s hard to surpass this sense of complete freedom. * (A minimum level of participation is required, to be eligible for the glider flight).





The grand finale of the Mile High Flight program, (Phase 1) is a hands on flight orientation in a light aircraft. Each student will have a chance to be at the controls of a Cessna 172 type aircraft. For many, this will be the first actual step towards a career in the cockpit ... building flight time. Here you’ll get your first true indication that you’ve got the “right stuff”! * (A minimum level of participation is required, to be eligible for the orientation flight).

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