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phase 2

After completion of PHASE 1, the most outstanding student(s) will be selected to participate in PHASE 2 flight training.  The training will culminate in the student’s first solo flight.  Student will receive training directly from an independent vendor.  Liability will be assumed by the vendor and student.  Parents / guardians must also complete a consent form for their students.  Training will include required ground school and up to 20 hours of actual flight time.  Students must be committed to completing the flight program without interruption, as continuity of training is extremely important. Plan for completion of flight training in three to six weeks after training begins.  The cost of ground and flight training, (approximately $6,000), will be paid by the Mile High Flight Program, with a nominal (nonrefundable) portion of the sum being paid by each student.  The Mile High Flight coordinator will monitor student progress during flight training. Acceptable progress is required for PHASE 2 retention.

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